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#69 - All news: Ringo, Peter Fonda, video and book news

A full show of news: The passing of Peter Fonda and the Beatles song he inspired, new book and video news, UK chart update and what Beatles video is out there for streaming. Thanks for listening!

#68 - More on Abbey Road crossing 50th with British Beatles guide Richard Porter

British Beatles tour guide Richard Porter ( talks about what the scene was like at Abbey Road on the day of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' iconic crossing photo and also reveals a few things you may not know. Plus we give the latest Beatles news including a new guest appearance by Paul McCartney. Listen now! 

#67 - EXTRA! Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ crossing 50th anniversary special

On this very special EXTRA! show taped Aug. 8 on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' photo shoot for the cover of the "Abbey Road" album, we cover the story internationally. We discuss the announcement and the new sets, plus we have exclusive interviews with three distinguished Beatles authors who have written recent books on the album -- Ken McNab ("And In the End"), Kenneth Womack ("Solid State: The Story of Abbey Road and the End of the Beatles") and Bruce Spizer ("The Beatles Get Back To Abbey Road"). We interviewed them on Wednesday after the rumors broke about the announcement and we discuss it with all of them. Bruce Spizer, who was in London, has heard the new mixes and gives a little preview. Thanks for listening!  

#66 - Chip Madinger and Mark Easter, co-authors of ‘Eight Arms to Hold You’

This Beatles News Briefs Extra! features an interview with Chip Madinger and Mark Easter, co-authors of the pioneering Beatles reference "Eight Arms to Hold You" that chronicled the Beatles' solo careers. They talk about the making of the book and how it's been updated for the digital age. Plus the latest Beatles news. Check it out, rate us on iTunes and please subscribe to us! (It's free!) And thanks for listening!

#65 - What does the movie ‘Yesterday'’ say about the Beatles?

On this latest show, host Steve Marinucci and Contributing Editor Candy Leonard, author of "Beatleness," play Siskel and Ebert and discuss their views of the movie "Yesterday" and how it adds to the Beatles story. Plus the latest Beatles news. 

#64 — McCartney San Jose show. review, news, rumors and more

Our review of last week's San Jose McCartney show, plus all the latest news (and rumors) we can fit. Listen now!

#63 - Extra! Beatles a boy band?, Glen Burtnik of The Weeklings, Denny Laine, Beatles news

A multi-faceted lineup on this show. We start this BNB Extra Edition with an interview with Glen Burtnik of The Weeklings and Tony Pallagrosi about a newly released Woodstock tribute that Glen is featured on plus some hot Weeklings news! Contributing Editor Candy Leonard and host Steve Marinucci discuss/debate the idea that the Beatles were a boy band. Plus a special appearance by Denny Laine who tells how Jimi Hendrix helped get him and Paul together for Wings. Thanks for listening!

62 - New McCartney release, Michael Lindsay-Hogg, Russ Gibb interviews

Beatles News Briefs is back! (As John Lennon wrote, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.") In this edition, we talk about Paul McCartney's new "Egypt Station" repackage, plus feature two interview clips. One is from a recent interview with Michael Lindsay-Hogg, director of "Let It Be," on the upcoming new "Let It Be" film. Also, we go into the archives for a clip of the late Russ Gibb (R.I.P.) talking about the Paul Is Dead hoax from an interview we did with him. Thanks for listening and please subscribe if you don't already!

61 - That controversial Google ‘Help’ ad, plus news of found Beatles footage

On this week's Beatles News Briefs Extra, host Steve Marinucci and Contributing Editor Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") discuss that recent Google ad featuring the song "Help!" that's been getting a lot of discussion. Should the Beatles have done it? We want to hear from you. Plus some Beatles news and Beatles history. Thanks for listening. 

#60 - Extra! Dave Morrell on meeting John Lennon, Ringo’s new set list

Author and former record promotion man Dave Morrell tells the complete story of how he got a Beatles butcher cover (and signed, no less!) from John Lennon. Plus other Lennon stories, his love of bootlegs and his thoughts on how Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr should be promoted in the current record scene. In addition, a Ringo All-Starr Band set list from his current tour. Thanks for listening! 

#59 - Emergency podcast - Paul’s official set list from first new show on Freshen Up Tour

This emergency podcast gives the official set list (from Paul's press office) of the 3-20-19 show at National Stadium. (Don't accept substitutes.) Also, details on the theatrical release of a Rolling Stones film with John and Yoko. Thanks for listening. 

#58 - Extra - Exclusive interview with photographer of never before released John Lennon photo, new Ringo album news

This week, we have an exclusive interview with Erik Calonius, who took a previously unreleased photo of John Lennon that we have published on with a story. The interview here has Erik's audio recollection of his encounter. Also this week: First news of a new album by Ringo and the latest chart updates. Thanks for joining us and spread the word on our show with Beatles news and features you can't find elsewhere. 

57 - Looking back at John Lennon’s Jesus comment

On this latest show, journalist Steve Marinucci and author Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") talk about the implications of John Lennon's infamous comment about the Beatles and Jesus and how society reacted back in the '60s and its meaning now. Plus the latest Beatles news.

#56 - A tribute to George Harrison

A tribute to George Harrison by Steve Marinucci (with a squeaky voice just coming off of a cold) and Candy Leonard ("Beatleness"), plus news about a John Lennon Record Store Day release. Thanks for listening!

#55 - Peter Tork talks about the Monkees and the Beatles — previously unreleased audio

In this special Beatles News Briefs Extra! tribute to Peter Tork, Steve Marinucci and Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") discuss him and his work with the Monkees. The show also features four never before heard clips from Steve's 2013 interview with Peter in which he talks about The Monkees, The Beatles and the Rock Hall of Fame. 

#54 - John & Yoko reissue, Yoko’s birthday party, Ringo at Woodstock, more

On this segment, bews about a new John & Yoko reissue, Yoko's star-studded birthday party, Ringo to play in a Woodstock 50 celebration and the latest on Paul's Egypt Station: Traveller's Edition. 


#53 - Paul McCartney puts ‘Egypt Station’ in a suitcase, plus movie, book, chart news

All the latest details about Paul McCartney's Egypt Station Traveller's Edition, plus a new movie that imagines the Beatles didn't exist, a new coffee table book on Beatles memorabilia and the latest chart news. 

#52 - The Week The Beatles Hit America! (Part 2)

More discussion from Steve Marinucci and Candy Leonard, author of "Beatleness," based on her Huffington Post essay, "The 7 Ways The Beatles Changed Childhood Overnight." Also the latest UK chart positions and This Day in History. And a big day it was. 

#51 - Extra! — The week the Beatles hit America!

On this special EXTRA!, Steve Marinucci and "Beatleness" author Candy Leonard give their personal memories of seeing the Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and talk about what it was like back in 1964. We welcome your comments at

#50 - EXTRA! Exclusive: Gay Linvill, associate director on “The Big Bang Theory” on the show’s Beatles connection

EXCLUSIVE!: Gay Linvill, associate director of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" tells us about Sirius/XM's "Big Bang Beatles" special show in which cast members and the show's executive producer talk about their Beatles love.