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#54 - John & Yoko reissue, Yoko’s birthday party, Ringo at Woodstock, more

On this segment, bews about a new John & Yoko reissue, Yoko's star-studded birthday party, Ringo to play in a Woodstock 50 celebration and the latest on Paul's Egypt Station: Traveller's Edition. 


#53 - Paul McCartney puts ‘Egypt Station’ in a suitcase, plus movie, book, chart news

All the latest details about Paul McCartney's Egypt Station Traveller's Edition, plus a new movie that imagines the Beatles didn't exist, a new coffee table book on Beatles memorabilia and the latest chart news. 

#52 - The Week The Beatles Hit America! (Part 2)

More discussion from Steve Marinucci and Candy Leonard, author of "Beatleness," based on her Huffington Post essay, "The 7 Ways The Beatles Changed Childhood Overnight." Also the latest UK chart positions and This Day in History. And a big day it was. 

#51 - Extra! — The week the Beatles hit America!

On this special EXTRA!, Steve Marinucci and "Beatleness" author Candy Leonard give their personal memories of seeing the Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and talk about what it was like back in 1964. We welcome your comments at

48 - Beatles News Briefs Extra! - Rooftop Concert 50th Anniversary Special

A packed show as Contributing Editor Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") and Steve Marinucci look back at the Beatles' Rooftop Concert, celebrating its 50th anniversary this week, with special interviews with Michael Lindsay-Hogg, director of "Let It Be", and Ken Mansfield, author of "The Roof," who was then the liaison for Apple Records between the U.S. and UK and was among those on the Apple rooftop that great night. Send your comments to (Stay tuned for a brief add-on after the show is finished with the news of the new "Let It Be" film recorded after the show was originally uploaded.)

46 -EXTRA! Special guest Beatlefan Executive Editor Al Sussman on the Beatlemania explosion

This week we welcome our special guest Beatlefan Executive Editor (and my old former podcast co-host) Al Sussman, who along with Contributing Editor and "Beatleness" author Candy Leonard discuss Al's book, "Changing Times: 101 Days That Shaped a Generation," as well as the latest Beatles news. 

45 - 1/16/19 - News, and an intriguing question

Steve talks about Paul and Ringo announcing new tour dates and the latest U.S. chart news. Also, Steve and Candy chat about an unusual Beatles topic and we'd like to hear from you. 

44 - 1/12/19 EXTRA - Paul McCartney’s new song

The first news and chart updates of the New Year, plus Steve and "Beatleness" author Candy Leonard give their views on Paul McCartney's new song "Get Enough". Autotune, anyone?

39 - BNB Extra 12.8.2016 - UK Chart news, McCartney remasters, John Lennon tribute

On today's show, we give you the latest UK chart Beatles news, give first impressions of the new McCartney remasters and talk with Contributing Editor Candy Leonard, author of "Beatleness," about the legacy of John Lennon.  

37 - 11.29.2018 - Extra with Paul tour report, George tribute with Candy Leonard

A packed episode with McCartney setlist news and a tribute to George Harrison with "Beatleness" author Candy Leonard. 

33 - Beatles News Briefs Extra - Candy Leonard on George Harrison and Smothers Bros. 50th anniversary, plus Fabs chart news, more

On this Extra edition, Steve Marinucci and contributing editor Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") discuss the 50th anniversary of George Harrison's surprise appearance on "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" and a significance you probably never knew it had. Plus the White Album on the UK Charts, McCartney tour rumors and more. 

29 - Beatles News Briefs White Album Special with Giles Martin, three Beatles authors

A special edition of Beatles News Briefs featuring a full program on the new Beatles White Album box set with analysis of the contents by Steve Marinucci and Contributing Editor Candy Leonard ("Beatleness"), a special interview with set producer Giles Martin and exclusive interviews with Ken Mansfield ("The Roof: The Beatles Final Concert") and Brian Southall ("The White Album: Revolution, Politics and Recording: The Beatles and the World in 1968"). Join in the discussion on our Facebook Beatles News and Information page. Visit our That's What I Want Beatles store page on Facebook. And thanks for listening. 

23 - Beatles News Briefs 10.25.2018 — Beatles chart news, plus new film, entertainment news

On this episode, the latest movement on the Billboard charts, plus a new film about John Lennon and more. 

22 - Beatles News Briefs EXTRA 10.23.2018 - Beatles news roundup, Candy Leonard on fans and the White Album

On this show for Oct. 23, 2018, we talk about the Palette-Swap Ninja concert that premiered the Sgt. Pepper parody "Princess Leia's Stolen Death Star Plans" that we attended, give you the latest Beatles news and happenings and feature a discussion with author Candy Leonard ("Beatleness") about how Beatles fans were affected by the release of the White Album, which celebrates its 50th anniversary next month. 

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